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No More Bad Birthdays

I had a terrible birthday last year. It was by far the worst birthday of my life. I was literally in tears my birthday last year. I do not want to get into it, but the point of the story is that it was a bad birthday.

As a result of last year’s birthday experience, I vowed that I would never have another birthday like that again. Thus, this year I decided to do things with a bang and take a trip.

I planned a trip to the LA area. I intended on visiting Disneyland, visiting Universal Studios Hollywood, and seeing Janet Jackson in concert.

After 12am in the morning…

Today was the first day of my birthday trip. I was not able to find an early flight so my flight tonight landed in California at around midnight. I had not been on a plane in a few years, but it was not big deal. I got to sit by the window like I prefer, and there was no one bulging over into my seat and personal space. The ride was a little bumpier than I would have liked, but I arrived tired, safe, and sound. After all, it was three am my time!

One of my friends was kind enough to offer to pick me up from the airport and take me to the Disneyland hotel, even though he had to go to work early the next morning. Thanks FVC!

When I checked into the hotel, they said that they have been waiting for me and had a room with a great view. They said that the room looked right out onto Downtown Disney.

There are room itself was great. There were all kinds of little hidden Mickey’s everywhere and things that just reminded you that you were at Disneyland. You can see the room in the pictures below.  The backboard of the bed had a switch activated, animated, fiber optic fireworks display that plays When You Wish Upon a Star while it flashes. Pretty cool. However, the view from the room was not what I was told that it would be.

While the windows technically did overlook Downtown Disney, there was a huge tree in front of the windows.  I could see almost nothing from my window, and that was quite disappointing.  I still made the best of it and was happy to be in the hotel. I had never stayed in the Disneyland Hotel before, so this was an experience. I stayed in the Dreams Tower, which is the closest one to the park.  I wanted to go all out this time.

Since I got here so late I really did not have much time to do anything but go to bed. There are a lot of perks to staying in one of the park hotels. You get priority seating for shows among other things, and, on Magic Morning Early Entry Days, you get to enter the park earlier than everyone else. Of course, the Magic Morning Day for my trip is tomorrow (today) morning! I need to go to bed as soon as possible because I do want to take advantage of that. With that, I bid you goodnight.

The Room

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