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Apple's iPhone 3GThe other day I had a really big scare. While in Meijer shopping, my phone just stopped working. There was a weird #2 showing in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and I could not receive calls, dial out, or even check my messages, although I could see that I had one. I thought for sure that this was a sign to get an iPhone, but I was able to revive my old phone, after I reset it to factory settings that is.

If I were to ever buy an iPhone, I would expect it to replace three things in my purse: my cell phone, my iPod, and my PDA. There were two applications that stopped me from buying the first release of the Apple iPhone. These are two applications that I use heavily on my PDA and/or cell phone. One application, Mybible, was quickly revamped and made available as an iPhone web application called iPocketBible. But I was still waiting on ereader.com to make an ebook reader, so that I could continue to read books on the fly without all the bulk of an actual book. Then, there were all the rumors that the next version of the iPhone would be faster and use 3G, so I waited.

Now we have the 3G iPhone and a compatible version of ereader. Now the two applications that I wanted are available, so what am I waiting for?

I am already a Cingular/AT&T subscriber, and I always have been. Switching providers is not an issue. I have even already downloaded the following free applications from iTunes in preparation for a possible iPhone purchase: Aurora Feint The Beginning, BoxOffice, Break, Bubbles, BubbleWrap, ereader (of course), Facebook, CBjobs, Karajan Beginner, Moonlight Mahjong Lite, Morocco, Myspace Mobile, Remote, Shazam, Tap Tap Revenge, WordPress, and WritingPad. I even know a few for which I may want to pay.

There are still a few applications that are missing that I have on one device or another. But I can manage for a while without Yahtzee, Spades/Hearts, Dominoes (this one is really hurting me), Text Twist, Documents to Go, or any other real Microsoft Office document editor, and some others applications. I am confident that some of these applications will appear later.

The things that are holding me back are 1) the sheer cost of an iPhone (I would more than likely get the $299 version–see #2 for the reason why), 2) the fact that I would probably still carry around my¬†iPod because I like to¬†must have all of my music with me at the touch of a button, 3) the cost of the data plan, and 4) the justification of such a purchase, or the lack of such justification.

Right now, I pay 39.99 for my basic plan which I believe includes 450 regular minutes, 5000 nights and weekends, rollover, and unlimited mobile-to-mobile. I never come anywhere close to using all of my minutes. Most of the minutes that I use are night and weekend minutes and mobile-to-mobile. Plus, I have tons of rollover minutes. I also pay an extra $20 a month for unlimited texts. So, with all the taxes and fees added, I end up paying around $67 a month.

The bare minimum¬†iPhone¬†plan starts at $69.99 (this is basically the equivalent to my plan plus unlimited data), but I would still need to add on a text plan. Now you would think that since you are paying so much for this plan, that they would cut you a deal on the text plans, but they do not. The unlimited text plan is still $20. Now some people have said to me, “You will not need texts. You got email.” The problem is, that the people that I text do not use email on their phones. There have been blogs written about how to save on sending texts, for instance, by sending texts through AIM or sending texts through email, but you would still need to have a text plan in order to avoid large bills for receiving texts. So, I am looking at at least $69.99 a month, plus between¬†$5-$20 for an added text plan, plus taxes and fees. That is easily $100 a month or $1200 a year, plus the initial cost of the phone itself!

Now, I am a person who, when I do buy a “want,” I will pay for quality. However, in most cases, I just will not buy the “want” if it is pricey. If I buy a “need,” I will also pay extra for quality. However, in comparison to others, I am a relatively cheap person. I am a person who whines at the thought of paying more than $12 for a pair of jeans. I will wait forever to buy something, even when I clearly have the money, just because I am waiting for it to go on sale or clearance. The¬†iPhone¬†is a pretty steep buy, and I just do not know if it is worth it.

I know that I can always sell my PDA and possibly my my old phone, but I do not expect to get much for either. The PDA is old, even though the model is still sold, and it makes a whining noise. My old phone, while, as smart phone with all the works, is still more powerful than many current phones, it is old and not even sold anymore. I only paid $60 for it myself when I bought it off of a friend used (told you I was cheap). So, I just do not know which way to go. Should I get an iPhone or not?

So, here is your chance to have some input in my life. Vote in the poll below and help me decide.

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